Wishlist and a Valentine's Day Deal

Wishlist and a Valentine's Day Deal

You can drop a hint or text a picture to let someone know what gift you'd like for Valentine's Day but we want to make the gift selecting process even easier.    Many of you have asked for a registry or wishlist of sorts and we are happy to comply!   Starting this week we have Wishlist cards for you to fill out at the shop.  Write down your favorites and we will keep your card at the store.  When someone comes in to shop for you, they can ask us for your wishlist and we will help them find the perfect gift for you.   Perfect, because you picked it yourself!   

To make things even sweeter, between now and Valentine's Day, when someone shops off of your wishlist and spends $100 or more, we will also give them a $20 gift card to give you too!   What an amazing bonus!

It's a win all the way around.   You get exactly what you want.   The person who is shopping for you can shop with confidence, no guessing games about what you might like.  AND... you get a bonus $20 gift card! 

Stop by soon, see all that's new at the shop, and fill out your Wishlist!   

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