Living a Nature-Inspired Life, Even In Winter

Living a Nature-Inspired Life, Even In Winter

Nature-inspired Living

We’re in the season where the weather changes on a dime.  One day you’re out in the yard planting and dreaming of spring and the next, you’re pulling your coat out of the closet for what you hope is just one more cold snap. You’re itching to enjoy the beauty of nature in the spring but Mother Nature isn’t quite ready to hand her over.

How do we live a nature-inspired life when nature won’t cooperate?

It’s really quite a lovely and enjoyable thing to bring beautiful bits of nature into your every-day.  It can be as simple as adding a small nest and eggs to your kitchen table centerpiece, bringing home a new indoor plant, or repotting a favorite in a new, beautiful container.   Adding a small garden flower wreath to your kitchen or starting a small indoor kitchen herb window garden are all ways to intentionally connect with and enjoy nature, even on the bleak winter days.


Ruffled Terracotta Planter

Connect with nature outside by feeding and providing nesting materials for birds; it is such a rewarding endeavor.  It is one of our favorite pastimes at Bird
& Brass, and we have so many beautiful bird feeders, bird houses and bird baths at the shop to choose from. If you’re new to bird watching, we’ve written a quick “how to” to help you get started.   Come by the store and let us help you find the perfect feeder so you can begin to watch and care for our native birds.

Did you know?  Hummingbirds are migrating and en route to Oconee County in just a couple of weeks. Next week we will receive a shipment of beautiful handblown glass hummingbird feeders.  Paired with our hummingbird swing and hummingbird garden seeds, you’ll be ready to attract a favorite of so many.  

With a little thought, you can bring the beauty of nature into your every day. Drop in and visit us and let us help you pick out the perfect nature-inspired accent.

Mention this email and take 10% off a bird feeder, house or bath of your choice. One discount per guest. Or take 10% off your online order with the code Nature10.


See you soon and  happy Friday!


P.S.- Enjoy these photos of birds at Bird & Brass owner, Erika’s, feeder here in Oconee County.


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